SYNC 3 - Ford SYNC 3 System

Ford SYNC is a familiar name when it comes to in-vehicle communications and entertainment systems. Debuting in 2007, it was one of the first mainstream systems, and one of the first systems found in cars outside of the luxury realm. Now, the latest evolution in the SYNC family, the Ford SYNC 3, brings more features than ever before to equipped vehicles. This system includes a new interface, a new easy-to-use design, and improved voice-activation technology, amongst many other functions.

All of Your Favourite SYNC Features

The various SYNC systems bring to the table some features that have made the system popular and user-friendly. The original SYNC, the second-generation SYNC with MyFord Touch, and the newest SYNC 3 all have had: Hands-free Calling: Across all SYNC systems, this allows you to push a button on your steering wheel to make or answer a call, with the conversation being heard through the vehicle's speakers.

No-Extra-Charge 911 Assist: When connected with your compatible cell phone, this feature can call for help even if you can't reach your phone in the case of an accident.

Music Search and Control: Use simple voice commands to play your favourite music. SYNC 3 will automatically comb through any of your connected media, including you Bluetooth- or USB-connected phone, to find the artist or song name you ask for.

LCD Screen: The upgraded version of SYNC 3 now includes a capacitive touch screen that can operate with swipes and pinch-to-zoom functions, just like those found on your smartphone.

Voice Recognition: With the latest in voice-activated technology, you can make calls and give commands easier than ever before. With real-world voice commands and a system that responds to your natural voice, so you don't have to battle the system saying the same words, in different voices, until you get it to work. This system takes your natural speaking and learns it over time.

Plenty of New Features

SYNC 3 brings a whole new level of integration to your Ford. It starts with Siri Seamless Integration, which utilizes a steering wheel-mounted button to access your connected iPhone. Then, by speaking natural-language commands, you can use your phone to make or receive a call, listen to and send text messages, make restaurant reservations, and much more. All of this happens without you ever taking your hands off of the wheel or your gaze off of the road ahead. Some of this is thanks to the optional navigation package that creates adaptive search results, based on past preferences.

The new SYNC AppLink system lets you launch and use voice control to work with select SYNC-enabled mobile apps or access compatible apps that are imported from your smartphone. The SYNC 3 system is easy to keep up to date when the latest software comes out, thanks to automatic updates being able to be performed over WiFi in the current version. Finally, SYNC 3 also allows you to use voice controls to operate the climate control system, yet another task that will no longer require you to take your hands off the wheel or eyes off the road.

The Ford SYNC 3 system is the latest and greatest in a line of highly successful, extremely useful communication and entertainment systems. It is innovative, delivering a whole new level of connectivity for Ford owners. The result is that your new Ford vehicle will become a bigger, more integral part of your life. SYNC 3 is available on a variety of 2016 Ford models, including the Fiesta, Mustang, Escape, Expedition, Transit, C-MAX, and the F-150 trucks. Over the next few years, it will become available across the entire Ford range. Inquire about the SYNC 3 system at Legacy Ford Fernie for your next vehicle purchase!

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